Transporter PLP30 Double Acting Air Controlled Magnet

air controlled magnet

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The Low Profile Transporter® LP magnetically transfers metal blanks, stampings and parts in automated station to station, press-to-press transfer and robotic pick and place systems. Typical applications include stamped parts, tailor welded blanks, body panels and refrigerator door panels.

  • Uses up to 95% less air than vacuum cups
  • Grasps odd shaped or perforated parts
  • Operates effectively in any orientation
  • Outlasts most vacuum cups
  • Positively holds parts - no dropping or shifting
  • Threads onto typical 3/8 NPT vacuum cup tooling
  • Operates on 25 to 60 psi shop air
  • Approximate weight 0.75 Lbs.
  • Durable design for long maintenance free operation

The Transporter® LP is designed to directly replace vacuum cups with minor tooling and valve adjustments. Powerful Rare Earth magnets positively hold the parts during transfer, greatly reducing the chance of slipping and shifting of your part due to oily coatings. An optional "low-skid" boot is also available to increase grip on parts during transfer. A short burst of shop air pressure is applied in order to release parts. To pick-up or grip parts, the air pressure must be exhausted to the atmosphere.


Double Acting (Option DA): Features O-Ring seals & extra air inlet that allow a short blast of air to engage or disengage the grip function. The double acting option is only available on the TPL30 & TPLP50 magnets. Operates at low pressure (20 psi), allows use of 1/4" Lines & can run up to 16 magnets from 1 valve

$250 each, make offer for all 15 units, un used in the box

Sales price without tax $250.00
air controlled magnet
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