RR 297 Staph Attack Disinfectant

RR 297 Staph Attack
RR 297 Staph Attack

Silver Based Disinfectant, Kills MRSA, VRE, Athletes Foot, Salmonella, Flu, HIV, and MORE

RR 297 Staph Attack

Kills MRSA and VRE

Disinfectant. Fungicide Virucide

Kills Germs in 30 Seconds

Disinfects and Deodorizes Restaurants, Hospitals, Schools

Homes and Offices

Active Ingredients:

Silver 1 .003%

Citric Acid 4.840%

Other Ingredients 95.157% Inert

Electrolytically Generated Silver ions

32 OZ Pump Spray Bottles

$10.00 per Bottle

12 Per case

Bulk Pricing Available

MSDS Sheets Included

Sales price without tax $10.00
RR 297 Staph Attack
RR 297 Staph Attack, a
RR 297 Staph Attack, b
RR 297 Staph Attack, c

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